Tournament Contest FAQs

What exactly do you do?

Like our name suggests, we host a Par 3 Contest!   The rules are simple.   Players who participate pay an entry fee to play and depending on where a player’s tee shot stops, they win prizes including golf clubs, golf bags, apparel, trips, large cash prizes and more!


Who is Integra Golf?

Integra Golf is a global golf component company that we’ve partnered with to supply prizes at our contest.  We are their marketing partner.  We showcase their different golf club product lines at charity tournaments as a form of advertising.


When do the players receive their prizes?

The majority of contest prizes, such as golf clubs, are displayed by our professional staff in our promotional tent at the contests hole the day of the tournament.  Winning players receive their prizes on the spot and can start using them as soon as the next hole!  And for those players lucky enough to win our larger prizes such as golf vacations or cash prizes, they receive them within two weeks.  Top prizes are insured by one of the world’s largest reinsurance companies, so there is never an issue with payouts!


How much does it cost to hire you for our next tournament?

Zero.  Our staff negotiates with global golf brands to showcase their products to a targeted audience of golfers as a form of advertising.  We understand running a golf tournament takes lots of time and energy and, in most cases, is done by volunteers.  We show up, run the contest, and your organization gets a check.  It’s that simple.


How much does your contest raise for each tournament?

The exact number varies based on player participation, but full field tournaments historically generate between $600-1,000 per contest for the host charity.   We guarantee a minimum $400 contribution for any full field tournaments we support.


I’m not located in California.  Can you still work with us?

Yes.  It is possible.  Contact us with specifics and we’ll coordinate a plan to help at your next event.


Sounds too good to be true.  What’s the Catch?

No catch. even contributes a gift to your silent auction prior to the tournament as a thanks for allowing us to showcase our sponsor’s products.  We want our partnerships with sponsors and charities to last for years.  These donated golf gifts typically raise hundreds of dollars in additional revenue for our partner organizations.


I’m interested in using you to host a Par 3 Contest at our tournament.  What’s next?

You can call, text, e-mail or fill out the contact form on our website.  Even if your tournament is this week, our staff is ready to upgrade your golf tournament today!